RELEASE: In New Slotkin TV Ad, Michigan OB/GYN Calls Barrett’s Abortion Stance “Dangerous”

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September 29, 2022 


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In New Slotkin TV Ad, Michigan OB/GYN Calls Barrett’s Abortion Stance “Dangerous” 

Spot highlights Barrett’s support for a ban on all abortions

LANSING, Mich.— This morning, U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin launched her sixth ad of the cycle, “Risk,” to emphasize Tom Barrett’s “100% Pro-Life – No Exceptions” position on abortion.

The spot, which began airing on broadcast and cable outlets in the 7th congressional district, features Dr. Renee Horowitz, an obstetrician and gynecologist. In the ad, Dr. Horowitz says that it’s her duty to inform her patients about risks to their health.

“Tom Barrett is a risk to all Michiganders,” explains Dr. Horowitz. “He wants to ban all abortions; no exception for rape, incest, or those terrible moments during a miscarriage. Barrett even wrote a bill to prosecute doctors.”

Dr. Horowitz closes by saying, “It’s dangerous—and it’s just heartless.”

Barrett opposes abortion in every circumstance. He endorsed Michigan’s 1931 ban earlier this year, and prior to Roe’s reversal, he sent out fundraising pleas that said he was “100% Pro-Life – No Exceptions.” Barrett also joined Republicans in the state legislature to reinstate the 1931 law and even introduced legislation that would further criminalize doctors who perform abortions, even in cases of rape and incest.

Barrett also made national news in late August for his efforts to hide his support for a total ban on abortion. He scrubbed his of all abortion-related information, claiming when asked that women’s personal freedom is not “most salient right now,” and misrepresented Slotkin’s position in an attempt to deflect public scrutiny. When confronted with his position in his first debate with Slotkin, Barrett refused to acknowledge that he doesn’t support exceptions for rape and incest—a moment that earned over 150,000 views on social media.

“Risk” is Rep. Slotkin’s sixth ad of the cycle. 

  • Her first ad, “Work With Us,” highlights her national security background and her belief that our country is strongest when the American people work together. 
  • Her second ad, “Easier,” spotlights her bipartisan push to reduce the price of prescription drugs, including the successful passage of Slotkin’s Real-Time Benefits Act, which was signed into law under President Trump. 
  • Her third ad, “Five Times,“ describes the consequences of Barrett’s five votes against the GM deal. 
  • Her fourth ad, “Jeff,” discusses how Barrett’s five votes hurt Michigan auto workers. 
  • And her fifth ad, “Keep Fighting,” explains how her mother’s fight with cancer motivates Slotkin’s fight in Congress.


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