Statement from ‘Seniors for Slotkin’ Co-Chairs on Threat to Finances of Social Security, Medicare

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August 16, 2020

ROCHESTER, Mich. – Following is a statement from Nancy Strole and Bill Haney, co-chairs of Seniors for Slotkin, on Trump Administration proposals that threaten the financial stability of Social Security and Medicare by delaying payment of federal payroll taxes that support those programs, and proposing to make their elimination permanent, without offering plans to replace the revenue they generate:

“As seniors who paid into Social Security and Medicare and depend on it for a secure retirement, we are profoundly worried by President Trump’s efforts to cut off funding for these vital programs, with no plan to replace the revenue that supports them. 

“We see the urgent need to provide relief to families and small businesses that are struggling because of the pandemic. However, we agree with Congresswoman Slotkin that the best solution to that problem is for negotiators from the White House, the Senate and the House to come to the table and not leave until there’s an agreement.

“If Paul Junge cares about the more than 140,000 Social Security recipients in the 8th Congressional District, he will join Rep. Slotkin in rejecting President Trump’s plan to endanger Social Security. Mr. Junge needs to demonstrate his commitment to this important principle by encouraging the president and congressional Republicans to come to the table and work with Democrats to negotiate and pass a responsive pandemic relief bill. Seniors and residents of the 8th Congressional District deserve nothing less.”

Seniors for Slotkin is an organization of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and non-political citizens with a mission to support an effective congressional representative.

“We are pleased that Paul Junge has accepted Congresswoman Slotkin’s invitation, issued last week, to participate in three debates, one in each of the 8th District’s three counties. It is important that voters hear from Congresswoman Slotkin about her bipartisan work to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, protect our waters, and bring civility and decency to Washington. Voters should be able to hear Junge explain why he supports an administration trying to destroy protections for those with pre-existing conditions, why he helped downplay the threat of COVID-19, and why he opposes bipartisan legislation to extend unemployment benefits, provide direct financial support to working families, support small businesses and reduce our dependence on China and other offshore sources of critical medical supplies.”

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