‘Misleading and tired:’ After Slotkin calls for civil, fact-based campaign, opponent airs misleading, recycled attack ad

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September 1, 2020

ROCHESTER, Mich. – Elissa Slotkin for Congress today denounced a misleading and recycled new attack ad from her campaign opponent, an ad that repeats a failed attack against Slotkin from the 2018 campaign.

“Paul Junge’s ad is not only intentionally misleading, it’s not even original,” said Elissa Slotkin for Congress spokesman Gordon Trowbridge. “Elissa spent a career in national service helping defend our nation. She has spent her first term in Congress working on bipartisan solutions for the people of her district. And she is running a campaign with the civility and decency her constituents expect. Voters will embrace that positive vision over deception and division.”

Junge’s 15-second ad, which began airing today, uses an abbreviated clip from an October 2018 speech in which Slotkin mistakenly reversed her call to put country before party, then immediately corrected herself. In the final days of the 2018 campaign, a Republican group aired a reported $1 million in attack ads repeating the clip without Slotkin’s correction. A WXYZ-TV “Truth Test” labeled the ad “deceptive.”

“Misleading and tired is a bad combination. It’s a disservice to the voters of the 8th District,” Trowbridge said.

The misleading attack is part of a pattern of false and deceptive claims from Junge. Previously, the Detroit Free Press called out Junge for leveling a false attack against Slotkin, rating his claim “False.” Local media have had to correct Junge’s false claim that Slotkin failed to condemn violence and destruction during social justice protests. And the Free Press ruled a Junge attack against presidential nominee Joe Biden false.

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