ICYMI: Free Press and PolitiFact Michigan Catch Slotkin’s Challenger Misleading Voters. Again.

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Fact Check Finds the Central Claim of Junge’s Campaign ‘Mostly False’ 

September 23, 2020

ROCHESTER, Mich. – Fact-checkers from the Detroit Free Press and PolitiFact Michigan have once again found the challenger to Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-08) trying to mislead voters, this time demolishing the central claim of Junge’s campaign and finding that Slotkin’s “record is indeed consistent with her campaign rhetoric of being moderate and bipartisan,” and that “(Paul) Junge’s characterization of her as a liberal Democrat and very partisan is off the mark.”

Examining Junge’s claims that Slotkin has been “very partisan” in her first term, the Free Press fact checkers found: “Independent analyses indicate Slotkin’s voting and legislative records are more conservative and bipartisan than most of her Democratic colleagues’. … We rate Junge’s claim Mostly False.” 

“For the third time, independent fact checkers have examined Mr. Junge’s claims and found them false and misleading,” said Slotkin campaign spokeswoman Gordon Trowbridge. “Mr. Junge repeatedly claims in public events that Congresswoman Slotkin is a partisan liberal, and goes even farther in campaign ads, painting her as ‘left-wing’ and ‘radical.’ His entire campaign is built on these claims. But the record is clear: She is among the most moderate and bipartisan members of Congress. Voters understand that and will reject Mr. Junge’s misleading claims.”

Slotkin’s extensive record of bipartisanship includes House passage this week of her Strengthening the Strategic National Stockpile Act, which brought nine Republican and nine Democratic cosponsors together on legislation to strengthen the nation’s medical supply chain and reduce dependence on foreign sources of critical supplies. Just this week, the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce saluted Slotkin’s “bipartisan spirit” in endorsing her over Junge, a former local and state chamber of commerce official in California and Maryland.

Slotkin has introduced 22 bills during her first term that have earned support from Republican cosponsors. And she has worked with the bipartisan Problem Solvers caucus on critical legislative initiatives such as a bipartisan framework for new COVID-19 relief legislation.

Junge, meanwhile, is just adding to his record of false and misleading claims. In addition to this week’s “Mostly False” ruling, the Free Press and PolitiFact Michigan previously found that his claims about Slotkin’s voting record related to Chinese cyber activity was “false,” And in June, the Free Press ruled a Junge attack against presidential nominee Joe Biden “false.”

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