ICYMI: Detroit Free Press Calls out Paul Junge’s False Attack on Rep. Slotkin: ‘That’s Not True’

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August 25, 2020

ROCHESTER, Mich. – The Detroit Free Press today called out Paul Junge for leveling a false attack against Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-8), ruling an attack Junge made against Slotkin on social media “false” and “not true.” 

“Junge’s post is not accurate. We rate this claim False,” the Free Press’s fact checkers determined in examining a claim that Slotkin, a former CIA intelligence analyst, National Security Council staffer and senior Pentagon official, had voted against legislation condemning China’s malign cyber activity.

“Elissa has repeatedly called for a civil campaign that respects voters and lays out the clear and honest differences between the candidates,” Slotkin campaign spokesman Gordon Trowbridge said. “The false claim the Free Press called out today is the latest in a series of false attacks from Junge that fall far short of that basic standard of civility and decency. The voters of the 8th District deserve a campaign based on the facts, not false attacks.”

Junge’s false claim on cybersecurity comes after local media last week had to correct Junge’s false claim that Slotkin had failed to condemn violence and destruction during social justice protests. And in June, the Free Press ruled a Junge attack against presidential nominee Joe Biden false.

As the Free Press noted, the vote Junge cited was a procedural motion to close debate on an infrastructure bill with billions of dollars for Michigan roads and bridges and funding for Great Lakes restoration efforts, not on cybersecurity. The Free Press also noted that Slotkin voted in July during debate on the National Defense Authorization Act to take action against Chinese cyber activity, including activity targeting COVID-19 research.

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