Strengthening America’s National Security

The United States plays a unique and vital role in the world. Keeping Americans safe at home and abroad starts with a strong defense, but military power alone is not an effective strategy in a world of increasingly globalized and networked challenges. The United States must be ready to confront both existing international challenges and new threats, from terrorism to sophisticated cyber-attacks. To do so, the United States must make investments in its military, intelligence, and diplomatic power – and continue to work with allies and partners around the globe – to confront common challenges. If elected, I will bring my expertise on national security and experience in three federal agencies to the halls of Congress, in order to provide a check on the actions of this Administration.

I served for fourteen years in the intelligence and defense communities working on some of our country’s most critical national security matters, including U.S.-Russia relations, the counter-ISIS campaign, and the U.S. relationship with NATO. I regularly briefed members of Congress on defense matters. I have seen the potential impact individual members of Congress can have in holding federal agencies accountable by asking tough questions, and if elected, I intend to bring my expertise to Congress to ensure our government is using its diplomatic and military power to advance U.S. interests in the world. I will also fight to bring defense jobs back to Michigan — something we have hemorrhaged over the last decade — to strengthen the economies of our local communities.


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