Providing for our Veterans

My family is a service family. My husband is an Apache pilot and served for thirty years in the Army, retiring as a Colonel. My grandfather was awarded the Silver Star for his service at Normandy, during World War Two. My father-in-law served for twenty years in the Air Force, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Today, my two stepdaughters are both serving in their own right: one is an active duty Army officer and the other is a physician at a VA hospital. For me, providing world-class care and support to our nation’s veterans is not an abstract policy question – it affects my life and that of my family. If elected, it would be one of my top priorities.

Less than one percent of the population serves in our nation’s armed forces. Given the sacrifices that our veterans have made, our government must ensure that when veterans return to civilian life they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve — not just given lip service by politicians. It should be the responsibility of Congress to ensure that veteran medical care is delivered efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. While we have made strides in veteran care, there is far more to do to — particularly in ensuring that veterans living with serious injuries are provided world class, lifetime care. We must also do more to ensure that returning veterans are given opportunities to successfully reintegrate, through more support for education, apprenticeship, and job training. Programs like Helmets to Hardhats, which many in our communities participate in, provide win-win solutions to support our veterans and connect them with skill development and well-paid careers.


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