Preserving Our Environment

A threat to our environment is a threat to our security and a threat to our way of life. I do not believe that a strong economy and a clean environment are mutually exclusive. In fact, in Michigan, they are intrinsically linked. After all, if you can’t sustain your business because our lakes and rivers have become polluted, that’s a threat to your economic security. If you and your family don’t have access to clean drinking water, that’s a threat to your family’s health and well being. And if polluters continue to write the rules and buy votes from our representatives, that’s a threat to the future of our state — and the environment we will pass down to our kids.

Here in Michigan, we not only cherish our beautiful natural resources, but we depend on them to keep our families healthy and our economy strong. If elected, I will make protecting our environment — and the businesses that depend on them — a top priority, since over 525,000 jobs in our state are tied to the Great Lakes. I will be a vocal champion for Michigan moving to the frontier of the “green-economy,” helping to accelerate wind and solar jobs in our state. Since Michigan has always been a leader in advanced manufacturing, we should be leading the pack in the development of renewable energy technologies, creating a new generation of high-skill, well-paid jobs here in Michigan.

As protecting our state’s natural resources is a priority, appropriate oversight is required to ensure public works projects, current and future pipeline projects, and infrastructure development are conducted with the safety and preservation of our communities in mind. Unlike our current Representative, I am strongly against any proposal that would allow drilling in the Great Lakes. Line 5 poses an undeniable threat to our Great Lakes. I believe pipelines that run under our Great Lakes should not operate unless they pass independent, third-party safety standards.

The impact of climate change is being felt nationally, and can be seen here in Michigan. I believe climate change is an issue that must be taken seriously, and prudent planning should be undertaken to prepare for and mitigate its negative impacts. During my time at the Pentagon, my team participated in the first ever climate change survey which studied how rising sea-levels, increased temperatures, and a higher frequency of superstorms could impact our military bases. We must be realistic about our changing climate and prepare our state’s economy, communities, and environment for the impact of climate change — and get serious about how to stop it.


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