Investing in Our Infrastructure

Michigan’s infrastructure is at near crisis levels and in serious need of investment. We all know the challenges, and we have the skilled workforce in our state ready to rebuild the roads, bridges, pipelines, and other critical infrastructure that our economy depends on. Investing in our infrastructure will attract investment to our state — improving our economic competitiveness — and improve the safety and security of Michiganders. The time for tackling this issue is now, and I hope this Congress will take up a significant, meaningful, and generous federal infrastructure package that has an immediate impact in our state and in our district.  Promises of public-private partnerships are not a substitute for a truly generous federal package that addresses the generational issues we have with our infrastructure.  

Thanks to the grit of hardworking Michiganders, we’ve been steadily fighting our way back since the last financial crisis. Now more than ever, our roads, bridges, and infrastructure should attract rather than deter new businesses. We should think bigger about attracting companies to put their roots here. By investing in our towns and updating infrastructure, we’ll create good jobs and a solid foundation for growth.

Of special note is the importance of investing in our water infrastructure. After the Flint water crisis, communities across the state have been testing their water and finding disturbing results. Some have been trying to upgrade their water systems, but, without help from the state or federal government, have been passing often dramatic price increases onto consumers. While the potholes in our roads are the most visible symptom in our under-funding of infrastructure, our water systems pose a growing risk to the health of our kids and communities.  As the Great Lakes state, we must do more to ensure our communities have safe, regular, and affordable drinking water.  That comes from a significant infrastructure package from Congress that funds rapid work on our most pressing water systems.


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