Ensuring Retirement Security

If you work hard your whole life, you deserve a dignified retirement. Social Security and Medicare are a promise — one that seniors have paid into through a lifetime of hard work. Protecting these programs is a critical way to keep faith with retirees, and those planning for retirement. Safeguarding the economic security of retirees by defending these programs and bringing the costs of prescription drugs down will be a top priority for me, if elected.

Michiganders pay their fair share towards Medicare and Social Security. Hundreds of thousands of people across our state rely on a responsible government to preserve and protect their benefits. While I wholeheartedly support common-sense approaches to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs for Medicare, politicians should not be looking to balance the federal budget on the backs of seniors. Cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits would fundamentally break faith with our seniors. As a debate about “entitlement reform” looms in Washington, it is essential that these programs are safeguarded and defended. Our seniors have earned it.

As the cost of living continues to rise retirees depend more than ever on the pensions they earned during their careers to maintain their retirement security. We simply cannot accept a roll back of this critical source of income for our seniors.  I strongly believe that we need to prioritize and determine the best way to protect the solvency of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and at risk plans.


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