Affordable Prescription Drugs

For far too long, the large pharmaceutical companies have had American consumers over a barrel: we need their life-saving drugs so we are at their mercy when they increase prices. And members of Congress, in both parties, have been unwilling to take them on. I am not.

We should be taking real steps to lower the cost of prescription drugs. If elected, I will fight to immediately allow the federal government to negotiate with drug companies to get a lower price on medications for people on Medicare. Buying drugs in bulk will almost immediately bring down costs, benefiting both the consumer and the taxpayer. The Veterans Administration is currently allowed to buy bulk drugs to keep costs down for veteran care. Congress could allow Medicare to do the same, immediately benefitting the 57 million Americans on Medicare, including more than 71,000 residents here in our district.

People recognize that most pharmaceutical companies are for-profit companies that require significant upfront funding to develop life-saving drugs. We all want the United States to continue to be the world leader in developing new cures and treatments, but since lives are at stake, there must be more checks and balances on the pharmaceutical industry’s predatory price increases.

For too long, big pharmaceutical firms have bought influence through campaign donations and politicians have looked the other way as prescription drug prices have skyrocketed. I won’t be accepting a dime from this industry, or any corporate PAC, in my campaign. And if elected, I will pledge to fight for increased checks and balances on the pharmaceutical industry, to ensure that price increases support research, instead of driving profit.


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