The Facts on the Attack Ads

We’ve been focused on a positive message, focused on the issues that matter here like healthcare, prescription drugs, and getting money out of politics.

But on the other side, I’m sure you’ve seen the millions in attack ads that are currently being run. So I wanted to address these issues head-on, so you know the facts about some of the key attacks that are out there.

Responding to the attack ad about Nancy Pelosi

If you've turned on the TV for even a few minutes recently, I'm sure you've seen the onslaught of attack ads.We're focused on spreading a positive message, talking about the issues that matter here. But I wanted to take a minute to correct the record, ensuring that voters can hear directly from me. After you watch, please share with your friends.

Posted by Elissa Slotkin for Congress on Sunday, October 28, 2018


And here’s some specific, key points I want to make clear:

Claim: That I want to bankrupt Medicare

Medicare and Social Security are cornerstones of a secure retirement. No one will fight harder in Congress than I will to protect them. It’s an unfortunate fact of political life these days that you may see TV ads making wild claims about my positions. Those claims are false — and you don’t have to take just my word for it. You can look at the independent fact-checkers from the Detroit Free Press and Politifact who have laid out the facts declared those ads false. I will protect and strengthen Medicare. I will make sure it’s there for you, whether you are retired today or are depending on these programs when you retire in the future. And I will work to fight the drug companies that are working every day in Washington to keep your prescription drug costs high.

In contrast, last May, Rep. Bishop stood in the Rose Garden and celebrated his vote for a bill that not only would have gutted protections for those with pre-existing conditions like my mom, but included what the AARP calls an “age tax,” which would have allowed insurance companies to charge older Americans up to five times more than young people. The AARP is now reminding voters which representatives cast their vote in favor of this tax, which includes Rep. Bishop.

I’m proud to be endorsed by Social Security Works. Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, of Sha Na Na fame and president of Social Security Works PAC, recently came to our district to discuss what’s at stake and my support for Social Security and Medicare:

Jon "Bowzer" Bauman on Retirement Security and Elissa Slotkin

Medicare and Social Security are promises that we make to our citizens that you will live with dignity and security in retirement. Jon "Bowzer" Bauman of Sha Na Na and Social Security Works joined us on Tuesday to talk about just that. Here's a short clip from our event where he talks about his mom, and why her story underscores exactly why we need leaders in Congress who understand just how critical these programs are, and who will fight to protect them for current and future generations.

Posted by Elissa Slotkin for Congress on Thursday, October 25, 2018


Claim: That I was recruited to run by Nancy Pelosi

I am new to politics — never ran for office, never gave a donation to a campaign. I’ve spent my career in national security, working for both Republicans and Democrats. You may have seen TV ads claiming I was “recruited” to run for office by Nancy Pelosi, but the truth is, the person who recruited me was my opponent: When I saw Rep. Bishop voting to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, I knew the people of the 8th District needed a representative in Congress who will stand up for them. I have been very clear, publicly, that if I have the honor of representing you in Congress, I will not support Nancy Pelosi to be our next Speaker. I believe we need a new generation of leaders on both sides the aisle. I will go to Washington to work for you, and not party bosses or corporate special interests.

I addressed this head-on during a debate with my opponent, where WDIV host Devin Scillian played one of my opponent’s attack ads on this:

Claim: That I’m part of the “liberal mob”

Rep. Bishop and his allies have run attack ads that try to paint me as part of a “liberal mob.” I’m proud to have worked in national security service for both Presidents Bush and Obama, and these attacks are frankly over-the-top, particularly given the recent violent events taking place across the country.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace even called out these attacks, asking the National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman why his organization was running one of the ads against me:


Claim: That I put “party over country”

As someone who served in national security service for both Republicans and Democrats, I believe we need a new generation of leaders in Congress who put service to country first. At countless events, I have said we need to put “country before party.” But more importantly, I have lived it, by speaking truth to power to whichever Administration held the White House.   

At a rally with President Obama, I initially misspoke, stating “party before country,” — and of course quickly corrected myself. But Rep. Bishop and his allies have seized upon that flub and are using the out of context video in the last week of the campaign. It’s a sad example of what our politics has come to.

Here are the full remarks I made, so you can see the full clip for yourself:


Claim: That I support a nuclear Iran:

This one is personal. During my three tours in Iraq working as a CIA analyst, I regularly had to run for cover from Iranian rockets. Just this year, I attended the 10-year anniversary of the death of a friend killed by Iranian rockets. And my job as a CIA analyst was to understand the Iranian-backed militias and terrorist groups that were shooting at US forces and sowing discord all over the Middle East. So I know better than anyone in this race the need to contain Iran and counter its support for terrorism. I dedicated my professional life to keeping our country safe, and in Congress I will fight to protect our country from any Iranian threat.  

The reason I supported the Iranian nuclear deal was because it reduced the pre-eminent threat coming out of Iran — the potential for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. I believe that additional agreements — or if not, sanctions — against Iran’s terrorist activities and ballistic missile program should be imposed to address Iran’s nefarious activities.


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