Elissa Slotkin for Congress Statement on Barrett Vote to Protect Manufacturers of Harmful Prescription Drugs

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March 16, 2022
Contact: Emma Grundhauser, [email protected]

Elissa Slotkin for Congress Statement on Barrett Vote to Protect Manufacturers of Harmful Prescription Drugs

LANSING, Mich. – Yesterday, Tom Barrett voted against Senate Bill 961, which would have repealed Michigan’s law shielding pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits when their unsafe drugs lead to harm or death.

Michigan is the only state in the country that still has a law that protects big drug companies from citizens who are hurt or killed by unsafe drugs.

In response, Elissa Slotkin for Congress campaign manager Emma Grundhauser released the following statement:

“Tom Barrett’s vote to protect Big Pharma is shameful. Michigan is the only state in the entire country that still shields big drug companies from lawsuits after their drugs cause death and harm in our communities. With his vote yesterday, Tom Barrett made very clear that he sides with the pharmaceutical industry over the average citizens that are hurt by unsafe drugs.

“In contrast, Elissa Slotkin is working every day in Washington to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and to hold Big Pharma accountable. Unlike Barrett, she hasn’t taken a cent from pharmaceutical corporate PACs, and will continue to do everything in her power to weaken their grip on Congress.

“The contrast on this issue is crystal clear, and our campaign looks forward to drawing it for every voter in mid-Michigan.”

Read more:

Detroit News: Michigan law shielding drug makers draws scrutiny amid opioid crisis
The 1995 Michigan Product Liability Act grants pharmaceutical companies nearly absolute immunity from lawsuits filed by consumers and has kept the state of Michigan from suing over dangerous or deadly drugs.
In 2011, the Michigan Court of Appeals threw out a $20 million lawsuit filed against Merck by then-Attorney General Mike Cox over the arthritis pain medication Vioxx, which caused heart attacks and strokes.
Michigan’s product liability law presents a hurdle for the Michigan [opioid manufacturer] lawsuits “both by virtue of the language in the statute and recent rulings of the Michigan appellate courts.”

Source: Senate Journal 26, March 15, 2022: Roll Call Vote No. 82


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