RELEASE: Rep. Slotkin Elected to Serve Mid-Michigan in Congress 

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November 9, 2022 


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Rep. Slotkin Elected to Serve Mid-Michigan in Congress 

In victory speech, Slotkin cites substance and style as key to her win over state Sen. Tom Barrett

LANSING, Mich. U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin has been elected to serve a third term in Congress. Slotkin will represent Michigan’s 7th congressional district—a Republican-leaning region that includes Ingham, Clinton, Eaton, Livingston, and Shiawassee Counties, and western portions of Oakland County.

On Wednesday afternoon, she held a media availability that is now available through this link.

On style, Rep. Slotkin said: “It’s clear to me that, in mid-Michigan, we are tired of politics that are dirty and toxic. Michiganders know that we cannot simply carve the country up into red America and blue America. That is not possible in the state of Michigan. It doesn’t work here, where our neighbors and our co-workers and our family members have very different political views. People here want to see their elected leaders working together to make the lives better for their constituents and not see each other as enemies… As much as I want to, I cannot fix the Republican Party. What I can do is—when they put up extreme candidates with extreme views—I can beat them over and over at the ballot box until they decide as a party that they must walk another path. Until they realize that extremism and toxicity and division aren’t going to fly for the American people or for the people of mid-Michigan.”

On substance, Rep. Slotkin said: “You’re not going to win elections in this state if you can’t offer voters a positive vision for the future. And fundamental to that positive vision is explaining, in clear terms, what you think the economic vision is for the future of work in our state. I believe that we must see our economic security as national security, and work to make sure that we aren’t dependent on places like China. For our economic livelihoods, I was very clear that I want to compete to be the continued home of manufacturing and build the next generation of cars and parts in our state. I want to make sure that we are providing the best auto workers in the world to do that. Because it’s not enough to say no, we shouldn’t compete for these jobs. It’s not enough to vote down ideas without offering any of your own. People are looking to vote for something, not just against something.”

A resounding theme of the results was Slotkin’s overperformance in Republican-leaning townships and rural areas. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Slotkin won Eaton County, flipping state Sen. Tom Barrett’s home county, by nearly 3% (50.5%-47.2%).
    • Slotkin won the City of Grand Ledge by 16% and Windsor Charter Township by 5%.
  • Slotkin increased her 2020 margin in Livingston County by nearly 2%.
    • Slotkin won the City of Howell by 13 votes – the first time in recent history that a congressional Democrat carried the city.
    • Slotkin won the City of Brighton by over 8%, increasing her 2020 margin in Brighton by 6%.
  • In Clinton County, Slotkin ran over 5% ahead of the 2020 congressional Democrat.
    • Slotkin won the City of Dewitt by 17% and Dewitt Township by 12% – flipping towns that congressional Republicans won in 2020.

Thanks to the campaign’s unprecedented campus organizing effort, thousands of Michigan State University students registered and voted, including over a thousand students just Tuesday. The campaign believes that around 3,000 students voted in this race overall.


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