RELEASE: Rep. Slotkin Endorsed by the Detroit Free Press

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October 10, 2022


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Rep. Slotkin Endorsed by the Detroit Free Press

Free Press cites Slotkin’s bipartisanship, respect for democratic institutions as reason for its endorsement

LANSING, Mich.— Yesterday, the Detroit Free Press endorsed U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin for reelection, saying that Slotkin “tower[s] over” her opponent, Tom Barrett.

In its article on the endorsement, the newspaper touts Slotkin’s bipartisanship and national security background. The Free Press also noted that, unless Democrats make up a majority of Michigan’s congressional delegation in 2024, Republicans could vote to overturn the results of the state’s presidential election in the electoral college.

“I’m grateful for the Free Press’s support,” said Slotkin. “As the Editorial Board pointed out, Congress is in charge of certifying the results of presidential elections. That’s why it’s so dangerous that, as recently as last week, my opponent continues to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election. To me, being truthful about our democracy is non-negotiable. This district deserves a representative who’s going to uphold democracy, not undermine it. I’ll do all I can to be the representative this district deserves.”

The day that the election was called for President Biden, Barrett questioned the results, saying that there was “reasonable doubt” in the outcome. Barrett was one of a handful of state legislators to meet President Trump in the White House to discuss options to disqualify Michigan’s slate of electors. Just two days before the deadly insurrection on January 6th, Barrett wrote a letter calling on Congress to delay counting the electoral votes and certifying the election.

In recent weeks, Barrett has doubled down on his election denial in interviews and in his debate with Slotkin, arguing that the 2020 election’s integrity is “an unknowable thing” and declining to answer when asked if he would have certified the results of the 2020 election as a member of Congress.


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