RELEASE: In New Ad, Rep. Slotkin Explains How Her Mom’s Fight With Cancer Motivates Her Own Fight in Congress

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September 20, 2022 


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In New Ad, Rep. Slotkin Explains How Her Mom’s Fight With Cancer Motivates Her Own Fight in Congress

Recent legislation that finally lowers the cost of prescription drugs is a “full-circle moment” for Slotkin


LANSING, Mich.— Today, U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin went on air with her fifth ad of the cycle, “Keep Fighting.” The spot will go up on broadcast and cable outlets in the 7th congressional district.

“I like to think of my Mom at her best,” said Slotkin. “But I ran for Congress because of what happened at her worst… When cancer hit, she couldn’t afford her bills.”

As Slotkin notes, the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act will cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors at $2,000 a year and insulin prices for Medicare recipients at $35 a month. Perhaps most importantly, it finally allows Medicare to negotiate what it pays for prescription drugs. And Slotkin’s Real-Time Benefits Act, signed into law by President Trump in 2020, allows consumers to comparison-shop for their prescriptions before they leave the doctor’s office. 

In the ad, Slotkin shares that these legislative victories are a “full-circle moment.” That’s because the cost of her mother’s healthcare is what drove Slotkin to run for elected office in the first place. Driving down the price of medical treatment and prescription drugs has been one of Slotkin’s highest priorities in Congress.

“I approve this message—for my Mom,” Slotkin said. “She’s why I ran then, and she is why I fight now.”

“Keep Fighting” is Rep. Slotkin’s fifth ad of the cycle. Her first ad, “Work With Us,” highlights her national security background and her belief that our country is strongest when the American people work together. Her second ad, “Easier,” spotlights her bipartisan push to reduce the price of prescription drugs, including the successful passage of Slotkin’s Real-Time Benefits Act, which was signed into law under President Trump. Her third ad, “Five Times,“ describes the consequences of Barrett’s five votes against the GM deal. And her fourth ad, “Jeff,” discusses how Barrett’s five votes hurt Michigan auto workers.


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