Hypocrisy: Tom Barrett Celebrates Delta Energy Park Despite Voting Against Projects It Supports

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August 23, 2022


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Hypocrisy: Tom Barrett Celebrates Delta Energy Park Despite Voting Against Projects It Supports

Barrett chooses China over Michigan in the fight for auto jobs yet tries to take credit once cameras are rolling

LANSING, Mich.— This morning, the Lansing Board of Water and Light will celebrate the grand opening of a $500 million natural gas-fired facility called the Delta Energy Park. The Park will provide power to thousands of homes and businesses, including the new electric vehicle battery plant in Delta Township, and allow Michigan to compete for new investments and development. The ceremony will be attended by U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin and business leaders in the Lansing area.

Also RSVPing to the Park’s unveiling is congressional candidate Tom Barrett. Barrett’s presence is notable—and hypocritical—given his five votes against the very battery plant that the Delta Energy Park will support.

“We were surprised to see Mr. Barrett plan to attend the opening of Delta Energy Park when he so vocally opposed the projects the Park is going to power,” said Elissa Slotkin for Congress campaign manager Emma Grundhauser. “Congresswoman Slotkin believes Michigan is facing a choice—we can either fight to build the next generation of cars, or we can sit by and watch our jobs and plants go elsewhere. She has made clear she’s Team USA. Mr. Barrett’s record proves that he’d rather our state lose its economic future than compete. So why is he showing up to a ribbon-cutting of a facility that will support the very investments he voted against? That’s hypocrisy personified.”

Barrett was one of only two senators to vote against the General Motors investment. His long-time benefactors, the Koch Brothers, came out against the deal on the day it was announced. After Barrett voted against it, they endorsed him and began putting six figures in ads, literature, and organizers into the race. As of today, they are the second-largest outside donor to his campaign.

The incentive deals aren’t the only bipartisan legislation that Barrett’s tried to take credit for once the cameras showed up. Barrett refuses to tell his constituents how he would have voted on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). The bill includes $65 billion to upgrade states’ power infrastructure and build low-emissions generation facilities like the Delta Energy Park. It’s strange that Barrett is willing to publicly support the products of legislation like the BIL and the incentive packages—but not the legislation itself.

In Congress, Slotkin has made supporting Michigan’s auto industry and bolstering domestic manufacturing a priority. She is a strong advocate for bringing supply chains back to American soil, and she was one of the biggest supporters of the recently-passed CHIPS Act, pushing her colleagues for months to bring it to a vote. The bill, which passed Congress in bipartisan fashion, will invest in America’s economic and national security and create tens of thousands of jobs across the industrial Midwest.

The battery plant, which will employ nearly 2,000 people in Barrett’s own district, was part of a $7 billion investment by General Motors in Michigan. It will be key to attracting other large investments—potentially even a new semiconductor chip manufacturer. None of these opportunities would come to Michigan if the state didn’t compete for jobs or if Congress didn’t pass legislation like the CHIPS Act.


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