RELEASE: Barrett Changes Website in Attempt to Hide Abortion Position, Then Backtracks

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August 29, 2022


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Barrett Changes Website in Attempt to Hide Abortion Position, Then Backtracks

Barrett scrubbed his website of all references to his “100% Pro-Life, No Exceptions” stance before adding them back after the public took notice

LANSING, Mich.— After scrubbing his website of all abortion-related information, Tom Barrett, candidate for Congress, backpedaled to add a section that makes false claims about Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s own stance on access to abortion. The backtracking comes after Barrett claimed the right to choose is not “most salient right now” when he was questioned about deleting his stance online.

Last week, Barrett scrubbed the “Values” language from his website that detailed his belief that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. The previous language was:

“I am a Christian and I believe our elected leaders have a responsibility to represent the values our faith teaches. Protecting individual rights includes protecting the unborn. Ashley and I have been involved in the pro-life movement our entire lives and as an elected leader, I will always work to protect life from conception.”

When the Detroit News asked Barrett about the changes, he said that he wasn’t aware of the rationale behind the site updates but said it was probably being edited to focus on “the issues that were most salient right now.” Yet Michigan voters named abortion as their top issue in two polls in the last week alone.

The deletion quickly gained traction on social media Sunday, with some viewing Barrett as part of a larger trend by GOP candidates across the country—including candidate for U.S. Senate Blake Masters–disguising their support for banning abortion in all circumstances.

Then, Monday morning, Barrett added in a new “Life” section that still attempts to hide his position by providing watered-down language and deflecting the issue onto Slotkin.

The new posting also falsely characterizes her own stance on abortion.

“I support the 50-year precedent set in Roe v. Wade, giving women the right to privacy in their own personal health decisions, including whether to end a pregnancy, up to the point of viability,” Slotkin said. “If a woman’s health is at risk beyond that, a woman and her doctor — not the federal government— should make the decision about whether to terminate a pregnancy.”

The Congresswoman also supports the Michigan ballot initiative that is poised to be added to the November ballot.

“Michiganders will have the opportunity to choose between the Roe standard, which we lived with for 50 years, and Michigan’s 1931 ban on abortion, which bans abortions even in the case of violent rape or incest, and criminalizes women and doctors in the process,” Slotkin said.

Barrett’s initial attempt to hide his views contrasts sharply with his full-throated endorsement of Michigan’s 1931 ban earlier this year. Prior to Roe’s reversal, he sent out fundraising flyers that said he was “100% Pro-Life – No Exceptions.” He also joined Republicans in the state legislature in a now-failed attempt to reinstate the 1931 law.


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